Golf Swing Right Hip Turn – Golf Hip Turn Tips

Turn Hips to Start the Backswing and Downswing, Swing Hip Technique

Golf is a difficult game because it is played from a stationary position. Rather than being able to instinctively react to a ball coming towards you, in the golf address position tension can often make the start of the swing too fast and jerky.

Learn to start the swing with your hips for a smooth slow rhythmical takeaway.

Golf Swing Right Hip Turn

  • Many golfers regard the start of the swing to be the most crucial move of a golf shot. With a good one piece takeaway rhythm is automatically injected into the action, but become tense over the ball, and jerk the club away with the hands, the whole swing becomes out of sequence. The body must start the swing and it is the hips that turn the body.
  • To get the feeling of how the hips drive the swing stand to an imaginary ball but with the back of your right hand firmly up against a door frame. Now try to make a backswing. The only way to create leverage against the doorframe is to turn open the right hip to give yourself something to pull against.
  • Now try standing with your left hand up against the doorframe to simulate the impact position of a golf swing. Try to create resistance against the doorframe and you will find the only way is to let the hips turn open. This demonstration shows how the hips should turn on the backswing and downswing to create leverage.

Exercise to Start Swing with Right Hip Turn

  • Go to the range and buy a bucket of balls. Using a seven-iron take up your stance over a shot but with the bucket of balls right up behind the club head.
  • Try to make a swing with the basket there and you will find that the only way to move it will be to start the swing with the hips turning open.
  • If you try to use your hands your body will move towards the target.
  • This exercise is used by many world-class pros to smooth out the start of the swing and set the right timing sequence to the backswing.
  • The essence of a good golf swing is leverage, both on the backswing and the downswing. Learn to use the hips to start the swing off correctly and you will find the downswing starts automatically with the same hip action in reverse. A good hip action drives the body both ways which creates the widest arc for power, club head speed and accuracy.