Artificial Grass Indoor & Backyard Putting Green: Fake Grass – Golf Putt – Golf Course Putting Green & Indoor Putting

Artificial or synthetic grass has become more realistic in appearance since the original large scale introduction over forty years ago. This real looking, but fake grass can be used for indoor putting mats or actual indoor greens. Synthetic grass is a viable option for outdoor putting and chipping greens, as well. Artificial grass is not just for putting, as it has evolved to become a playable surface for greens on many courses where water is restricted.

Indoor Putting on Synthetic Grass Putting Mats – Artificial Grass Indoor Putting Green

The original putting mats were little more than green carpet which was attached to an elevated plastic platform with a standard cup. Through the years these green carpet mats evolved to actual synthetic grass which resembled grass but had a plastic feel and resembled industrial carpet more than natural grass. Although the artificial grass used for putting greens is manufactured like carpet, the resemblance to natural grass has grown to be almost identical in appearance. Indoor putting greens may be found in large golf theme stores as well as some practice ranges.

Backyard Putting Green of Fake Grass – Blends with Landscape and Looks Authentic

With backing that is designed for drainage, the latest technology produces artificial grass that has the appearance of natural, well kept putting turf. Not only is the appearance authentic, at least one manufacturer has a finished grass surface that may be installed with a choice of green speeds. The backyard putting greens may be contoured to the homeowners’ specifications and a little fringe or rough may be added as well. The advancements in artificial grass have also turned the “miniature golf” course into an authentic putting course.

Golf Greens of Artificial Grass – Advantages for Standard Courses in Water Restricted Areas

The advances in artificial grass have now taken the backyard putting green to the regulation course with fully playable golf greens. Synthetic grass requires no watering or mowing, ever. The only maintenance required is an occasional pressure washing. This requirement is truly occasional, but will depend on the environment in which the artificial grass golf greens are installed. Some believe golf courses use too much water and are unfriendly to the environment. Not necessarily, as water usage is significantly mitigated with artificial grass golf greens.

From Indoor Putting Mats to the Backyard Putting Green – Now to the Golf Course

Fake grass is no longer just for indoor putting mats. Concern for the environment and speed rated synthetic grass may bring artificial grass golf greens to many golf courses. When a speed rated surface is combined with artificial grass fibers up to three inches in length, fake grass golf turf has moved beyond the backyard putting green.